Metallizing Protects & Bonds Ceramic Components

Metallizing Protects & Bonds Ceramic Components

Metallizing is the moly-manganese coating applied to a seal’s ceramic component. It enables the seal to bond hermetically to the metal portion of the seal.

One of the keys to Specialty Seal Group’s success is the strength and permanence of our metallizing interface. More than 50 years of ongoing research & development have yielded formulations and processes that have given us the distinction of having the industry’s highest-quality metallizing.

Specialty Seal Group monitors metallizing strength every day through in-process control by Push-Test analysis (see Statistical Process Control graph at right). Quality control can provide lot integrity and statistical evidence to assure product reliability.

Metallized Ceramics That Attach Reliably to Metal Components

    • Customized to buyer’s requirements.
    • Prototype as are developed and delivered promptly.
    • Permanent and exceptionally strong metallized coatings provide the most reliable interface for later attachment to metal components.
  • Ceramic-92-96% Al2O3 (white or pink)
  • Glazing available
Method of Attachment
  • Soft Soldering
  • Furnace Brazing
  • Vacuum Furnace Brazing
Attachable Metals
  • Nickel
  • Nickel-iron alloys
  • Kovar
  • Low carbon steels
  • Copper (under special design feature)

Metallizing Strength

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Moly-manganese coating applied to a seal’s ceramic component

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