ISO Certificate

Specialty Seal Group

Sealing the Lead in High Performance Hermetic Seals and State-of-the-Art Nickel Plating

Ceramic-to-Metal Seals

Specialty Seal Group offers ceramic-to-metal seals for a wide range of uses including Single& Dual-Lead Seals, High-Temperature Feed thru Terminals and Specialty Seals.


Moly-manganese coating applied to a seal’s ceramic component

Nickel Plating

Offering three types of nickel plating to meet any specification


Experts in material selection and process

Glass-to-Metal Seals

Glass-to-Metal Sealing Meets Challenges of the Most Demanding Applications. There are two types of glass seals available at Specialty Seal Group: Compression Seals and Matched Seals.

Specialty Seals

Producing Assemblies for Special Applications including capacitors, filters, transformers, microwave tubes, nuclear reactors and space probe devices.